The conference banquet is included in the registration fee.  (Not included in the student fee.)

Day and time: Thursday, June 7, 2018 | 20:30 – 23:00

Dinner will take place in “La Masía”.

With 1,722.60 hectares of natural space, this location is the most important public park in Madrid. The history of Casa de Campo began with the decision by Philip II to move the Court to Madrid, and reside there. The King built a manor house linking the Palace with the hunting area called El Pardo. Later, farms and fields bought from the areas surrounding the Casa de Campo were added.

It was declared a Royal Forest under Fernando VI. As a result of the hunting and country atmosphere of the farm, as well as its proximity to the Palace, the original country house belonging to the Vargas Family was enlarged to host the Royal Family for such activities. Carlos III gave it a new twist when he introduced livestock and agriculture as one of its purposes, which would be continued by Queen María Cristina.

During the Spanish Civil War, many battles were fought there, and the numerous bombings affected its antique construction, giving rise to new military constructions, which still can be seen.

“La Masía”is located inside the Casa de Campo. For those attendees staying in other areas of Madrid, we suggest to take the underground (called “Metro”) to Lago station (line 10 – blue).

The dinner will begin at 20:30 hours. Staff will be checking dinner bookings on arrival at the dinner venue. Please wear your badges.

Special dietary requirements, vegetarian and vegan meals should have been ordered on your booking form. If you have requested so, please inform your assigned waiter.